Current and Previous Projects

The AnyQueue Music System (Completed)

Built June 2021

The AnyQueue project, took me about 2 weeks maximum to put together. This version of system was built in Ruby / Sinatra using the Spotify API and was my second time doing full stack development for a big project. The AnyQueue Music System allowed for the creation of rooms for Spotify Premium users, where they would then get a room code and be able to share it to others. In the rooms people have their own nicknames and can add songs to the room owner's spotify queue via a custom search menu, a list of all user added songs is then visible in the main page.

I originally built a much smaller version of this project about a month prior in C# which only allowed people to add my spotify queue, however realizing the possiblity for expansion I switched to Ruby due to my familiarity with the platform for full stack database management. The server itself is hosted on AWS and is currently in Spotify Development mode as I haven't flagged it for public release yet, meaning that only me and certain beta-testers can actually make accounts, apart from that though the system is finished.

The website is accessible for you to view via clicking the link below.

Link to AnyQueue Music System